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Phd. Doctorate in Music.
Master Degree Piano and Composition.
Orchestra Conductor.
Faculty Member MacPhail Center for Music 2001-2011 Minneapolis.
Additional instruments: Bass, Trumpet and Percussion.

Master Classes in diverse
Universities and Schools:

• Berkely in Boston
• July Art in New
• EU Claire University WI
• Iowa University IA
• Cleveland, Ohio
• Mankato University MN
• Waseca High School MN
• Chicago University
• Tacoma University Seattle



• Classical Piano (theory, technic and repertory).
• Jazz and Afrocuban Latin Jazz (harmony, theory and improvisation).
• Orchestra Director. 

Students who have studied under Mr. Herrera have received full
scholarship to the following universities.

• Berkley University, Boston, Mass.
• July Art  NY
• Eau Claire university WI
• University of Minnesota  MN











Tim Deprey
(612) 321-0100

Private lesson contact Nachito Herrera directly:
(651) 336-3373 -


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